Wave XLR

Microphone Interface & Digital Mixing Solution

A compact USB interface that gives your mic superpowers, Wave XLR features proprietary anti-distortion technology, swappable design components, and integration with custom mixing software.

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Bring your mic

You love your XLR microphone. You’ll love it even more with Wave XLR, a compact USB interface that gives your mic superpowers.

All in one, and more

Wave XLR does the work of multiple devices and packs features you won’t find in conventional audio interfaces. Like proprietary anti-distortion technology, a capacitive mute button, direct integration with custom Wave Link mixing software, and an interchangable faceplate.
Multifunctional control dial
Toggle phantom power
Crossfade between mic and pc mix
Adjust output volume
Set input gain

Multifunctional control dial

Toggle phantom power

Crossfade between mic and pc mix

Adjust output volume

Set input gain

Capacitive sensor
xlr input
High-power headphone output
usb type-c

Capacitive sensor

Tap to mute

xlr input

Connect your microphone

High-power headphone output

Crystal clear, zero-latency monitoring

Usb type-c

State-of-the-art connection

Switch your look anytime

Plenty of power

Give your mic the boost it needs without an external preamp. Up to 75 dB of ultra-low-noise gain makes notoriously insensitive dynamic mics sound loud and clear, while 48 volts of phantom power bring condenser mics to life.
Podcasting setup featuring Wave XLR and a dynamic microphone, with Wave Link software on the monitor screen

Get amped without clipping

Now you don’t need to watch levels while live, nor attempt to salvage distorted audio in post production. When input levels peak, proprietary Clipguard technology instantly reroutes sound through a second signal path that runs at a lower volume. The result is clean audio output, no matter how loud you scream.
without clipguard
Get amped without clipping

Switchable low-cut filters

Dual selectable filters let you remove low frequencies for close and distant mic positions.
Get amped without clipping
Get amped without clipping


Game audio, voice chat, music, alerts, samples, multiple mics* and more. Nine independent input channels let you blend audio sources in real time.
*Multiple Wave mics are not supported at this time

Submixing Mastery

Create two completely independent output mixes — one for you, one for your audience — and monitor each on the fly.


Thousands of Effects

Add audio effects from Marketplace or third-party VST plugins directly to your Wave Link mixer, no manual install needed. Apply them to any input channel — like your microphone, game, or voice chat — then customize settings to create a sound all your own.

More Features

Effortless Control

Mute copyrighted music in your stream mix to avoid violations, and keep listening via your monitor mix.
Stream Ready

Add Wave Link as a master audio source in OBS Studio to take complete control of your audio workflow.
Smart Processing

Wave Link is gentle on your CPU* — no external audio processing hardware required.

*CPU load dependent on VST usage

Your workflow. Evolved.

Stream Deck works seamlessly with Wave Link to give you complete studio control. Easily set keys to mute sources, adjust levels and skip tracks — anything. Or create Multi Actions to adjust audio, lighting and camera settings simultaneously — all with a single tap. It’s advanced A/V automation at your fingertips. Tactile and fully customizable. A hybrid mixing solution like no other.
Wave XLR next to Stream Deck MK.2

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