The best webcam is in your pocket

With EpocCam, easily transform your mobile companion into a high definition Mac or PC webcam, and immerse yourself in a world of AR.  


With EpocCam on your phone and Camera Hub on your computer, you're just a few clicks away from looking great on Zoom, Microsoft Teams*, OBS, and more.

Microsoft Teams currently operates on Windows only.
Turn Your Phone into a Webcam
THREE simple steps

Turn your phone into a webcam in minutes.

Get THE EpocCam app
Install Camera Hub on your computer
Set up EpocCam in Camera Hub

Camera Hub makes it easy to set the perfect shot on the fly. Fine-tune brightness, tweak contrast, toggle AR lenses, and more. With powerful controls and a live webcam preview on your PC screen, you'll look your best in every video call.

Play with lenses

The first ever webcam app to integrate Snapchat Lenses, EpocCam equips you with an array of gesture-controlled Lenses to wear while you livestream or video chat. Use background blur or chroma key to transform your surroundings. Become your digital avatar, colorize your hair, interact with animated characters, and much more.

Watch the trailer
Easily add another angle to your content

Multicam setups add a whole new dimension to conference calls, live streams, and YouTube videos. But you don’t need another USB webcam or DSLR. With EpocCam, simply add your phone as a source in your favorite streaming app. Then use your Stream Deck to switch angles with ease.

Lose the cable

Want to set up a wide angle shot? How about sharing your whiteboard ideas? No problem. EpocCam can stream camera footage to your PC over Wi-Fi, so you can move freely while broadcasting anywhere in your local network.

Maximize your conference cred

Presentation is paramount. Zoom meetings shouldn’t compromise your professional image. Employ EpocCam to leverage the superior processing power of your phone, and look just as polished online as you do in person.

Take tutoring to the next level

Teaching online can be tricky, particularly when your expertise demands the use of visual aids. But with EpocCam on your phone, every student gets a front row seat.

“Setting it up is simple, downloading the drivers to your Mac or PC is quick and painless”
“Every video meeting app that I tried worked seamlessly”
”If you have an iPhone, EpocCam is the app I’d recommend for turning it into a webcam”
Make everyday moments shine

Use EpocCam for free, or get EpocCam Pro to unlock HD 1080p video quality, HDR, manual focus and more.

Stunning Video Quality

Broadcast in high definition 1080p quality.

Vibrant HDR Color

Capture vivid highlights and deep shadows.

Manual Focus

Dial in your shot to get the look you want.


Use your phone as a wireless mic.

Wide Angle Camera Support

Toggle between wide angle, telephoto and ultrawide lenses.

Static Lenses

Background blur, chroma key, black and white, and more.

Dynamic Lenses

Use gestures to control quirky animations and characters.

Choose your connection

Stream your camera feed via Wi-Fi, USB or NDI.


Get the lighting you need with your phone flashlight.

Remove Watermark

Broadcast without a watermark.

System Requirements

Windows 10 or later


Wi-Fi network or USB cable


macOS 11 Big Sur or later


Wi-Fi network or USB cable