Stream Deck + Black

All the feels for a fast, smooth, intuitive workflow

Iconic Stream Deck tech with customizable LCD keys, dials, and touch strip. Stream Deck + is your audio mixer, studio controller, production console – anything you want it to be.

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Deck out your setup
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One Interface To Rule
Them All

Stream Deck + gives you incredible powers to interact with your setup. Instant, tactile, granular control. Limitless customization. Plugins galore. Make it yours. Master your craft.


Trigger almost any action you want — switch cameras, mute your mic, launch apps, apply sound effects, turn on lights, change scenes, and much more.


Adjust volume levels, image details, camera zoom, brightness, white balance — any incremental app settings. Push to cycle through dial actions.


Control apps with a touch, swipe to change pages, and see dial information at a glance.

Dial up the color


Stream Deck + is

Streamers playing games using Stream Deck +


Get hands-on control for all your audio sources. Stream Deck + unlocks thousands of royalty-free tracks, sound effects, and powerful Wave Link mixing software.
Activate voice changer in Voicemod.
Easily switch between your headphones and speakers.
Play a sound from your Soundboard.
Tap to mute your stream instantly.
Turn to adjust voice chat. Push to cycle through and adjust other audio sources.

Your Production Console

Go live, pan, zoom, change scenes, and more. Scrub, trim, and cut in post. It's a full-scale production crew on your desktop.
Trigger a Multi Action that turns on your lights, starts your stream, and launches your intro sequence – all with a single tap.
Launch breaktime scene.
Enter your Video FX folder with keys to change backgrounds, apply green screen effects, and launch scenes.
Easily switch cameras in your multicam setup.
Toggle auto / manual shutter speed on your Facecam Pro, and adjust with the dial underneath.
Push to switch between pan / tilt on Facecam Pro, and turn to control your frame.
Fine-tune white balance in Camera Hub.

Your Studio Controller

Lights, camera, satisfaction. Set the scene for perfect audience engagement, immersive creativity, or mellow chat and chill. Your favorite settings are a tap or twist away.
Switch on/off all your Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, and Lifx lights simultaneously.
Set the mood with a Multi Action that controls all lights at once.
Switch on/off your Light Strip. Push the dial below to cycle through and adjust other lights.
Adjust Key Light color temperature. Push to select and control brightness.

Anything You Want It To Be

Install over 200 ready-made plugins or map keyboard shortcuts to keys and dials. Stream Deck + integrates with any workflow from video creation, podcasting and live production to photo editing, graphic design, and beyond. Welcome to the world of Stream Deck.



Install community plugins, sounds, and icons directly to your Stream Deck app. Then personalize each key with actions and profiles tailored to your workflow.

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