把您的手机变成 Stream Deck


Stream Deck Mobile 为您的 iPhone 或安卓手机带来了专业的实时播放控制、强大的集成以及标志性的 Stream Deck 工作流程。那是 15 个可完全自定义的按钮,能够实现无限操作。完全由手指实现无线操作。



Stream Deck Mobile 无缝集成您喜欢的工具和平台,包括 OBS Studio、Streamlabs、Twitch、YouTube、Twitter、Mixer 等 。随意定制按钮。轻轻一点,触发操作。获得视觉触觉反馈,确认您的每个命令。



激活场景、开通社交媒体频道等等 – 通过您身旁的这一台设备即可。只要您的电脑和手机在同一个网络中,那么只需轻轻一点,即可控制整个设置。



创意广播人员欣喜不已。无论您是在工作室、厨房还是工作室,Stream Deck Mobile 都能顺利融入您的工作空间。因此,您可以切换相机、调整音频、选择照明以及发布媒体 - 使用专业现场制作的所有工具 - 同时保持必要的形式。



热键操作让记忆键盘快捷方式成为历史。启动应用和网站,打开文件夹,触发预编的文本 – 控制想要的一切 – 无需预测。



通过 Stream Deck Mobile,您可以使用 GIF、图像、视频和原话片段在屏幕上增加搞笑动作。当您处于这种状态时,应用下三分之一,并使用签名介绍和简化图形来记录您的内容。您有无限选择,开始探索尝试吧。



兼容 Siri



Spotify、Philips Hue、NVIDIA Share, VoiceMod – 凭借 Stream Deck SDK,不断增加新集成。Stream Deck 会变得越来越好。每个人都参与其中,一切皆有可能。



只需要在桌面版 Stream Deck 应用中添加您的 iPhone 或安卓手机。使用 Stream Deck Mobile 扫描二维码,就一切就绪了。



享受 Stream Deck 的传奇功能从未如此简单。继续。免费入门试用。


"As a broadcaster that likes to produce on the fly and have high quality production value, the Stream Deck is as important as my microphone"

- Dethridge -

“The Stream Deck has been completely integrated into my live streams and YouTube videos for changing scenes, hot-keying sub emotes, and much more. When my Stream Deck is turned off I feel lost.”

- Xaryu -

“To me, broadcasting is all about having those special little moments with your chat, and knowing how to enhance them for the best entertainment. With Stream Deck I don’t waste those moments by searching through my OBS to find my scenes; I just press a button already in front of me. Seamless.”

- HollieBB -

"Since I've picked up the Stream Deck, I don't think I can go back. Tons of features and shortcuts like on the fly overlay adjustments and chat macros make it an important tool in my setup. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to take streaming a step further!"

- Nagura -

"Within a few minutes I realised that this is the single most helpful piece of hardware for a livestreamer, period."

- HeartSupport -

"This thing makes streaming a lot simpler, everything I need is a touch away."

- BurkeBlack -

"The Elgato Stream Deck is a game changer. It's an easy to use tool, and really optimizes your workflow as a broadcaster. Whether you're just starting out streaming or a veteran broadcaster, it's a must-have."

- SCf3 -

“I've used the Stream Deck for LOTS of things that viewers find funny and entertaining. I also love the way it looks - it's like a little cool hacker device next to your keyboard!”

- Elajjaz -

“There’s little out there to rival the Stream Deck’s flexibility and customization potential.”

- Chris Davies – -
Stream Deck Review Slashgear

“Solves just about every issue you can think of when it comes to stream juggling.”
“I can’t imagine streaming without it.”

- William Murphy – MMORPG -
Stream Deck Review MMORPG

“A worthy purchase for any streamer looking to increase the quality of their production, without taking the focus away from what’s important: enjoying games and keeping the audience entertained."

- Mack Ashworth – PlayStation Lifestyle -
Elgato Stream Deck Review PlayStation Lifestyle

“If your streaming setup is becoming more complex than just commentating over direct gameplay, the Elgato Stream Deck is a necessary device.”

- Adam Beck – Hardcore Gamer -
Elgato Stream Deck Review Hardcore Gamer

“A Product that opens the door to a whole new world of unlimited creativity to streaming while making it look easy.“

- CaniSports -


iOS 12.2 / Android 6 或更新版本
Stream Deck 4.6 或更新版本

macOS High Sierra 10.13 或更新版本
Windows 10 

Stream Deck Mobile 需要 Wi-Fi 连接