Two for the team

Elgato and Quadrant joined forces in 2021. Fast forward to 2023, and we're celebrating our partnership with two custom drops destined to dominate the grid. Ahem, we mean studio.


Iconic audio, iconic look
From team comms to stream chatter, stand out with Lando's mic of choice while flexing Quadrant's official color scheme.


A button box for the track
It's all systems go with a striking performance pattern that screams style from your studio to your simulator. Get Stream Deck MK.2 with your Quadrant faceplate, or just the faceplate for the Stream Deck MK.2 you already have. Ready, set, go!
Free Faceplate with a Stream Deck MK.2 purchase
Stream Deck MK.2 + Quadrant Faceplate
Quadrant Faceplate

Squad goals smashed

A passion project powered by our mutual love for content creation. And racing, we love racing. Stream Deck even passed the wind tunnel test. Proof it's in our DNA.