Light Remote

Tactile control, made smarter

A dedicated controller for your Elgato lights. With intelligent sensor technology that automatically sets the perfect brightness level for you. Compatible with Key Light MK.2 — additional support coming soon to select Elgato lights.
Shine on camera
Bundle Up and Save

A remote you’ll instantly click with

A controller for Elgato Lights? You betcha. Completely wireless and a breeze to use, it's yet another way for you to control your setup on your terms.

Adjust brightness automatically

Tweak brightnesss in steps

A complex assembly of powerful optics. All combined to capture the perfect shot.
Maximizes image perimeter sharpness.
  • Reduces chromatic aberration.
  • Enhances contrast, tonality and sharpness.
Ultra-low Distortion
  • No need for geometric correction.
  • Takes advantage of every pixel.
  • Full sensor resolution, zero up-scaling.
18 Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • Improves transmittance.
  • Prevents lens flare.
  • Preserves image detail.
IR Cut Filter
Blocks infrared light from disrupting the sensor
High-quality Optical Glass Cover
  • Constant transmittance over the entire color spectrum.
  • Scratch resistant lens protection.
Wide Field Of View
  • Show more of your scene.
  • Great for group shots.
Variable Focus
  • Focus exactly on what you want to show.
  • Apply creative effects.
Wide Aperture
  • More light hits the sensor for better shots.
  • Excellent low-light sensitivity with low noise.
  • Fantastic image quality even in darker environment.

Toggle between favorite light settings

Set color temperature

Select the light you want to control


Made for Key Light MK.2

A movie studio on your desk. Super bright yet easy on your eyes. Unbelievably slim to fit the tightest of spaces. Key Light slots into your life seamlessly, and makes you look incredible.