Wij willen content creators wereldwijd meer mogelijkheden geven.
En jij kunt ons hierbij helpen.


Miljoenen mensen delen hun passie met talloze anderen die inspiratie zoeken.
Wij brengen ze samen. 

Alles gebeurt op grote platforms waar iedereen met talent volgers kan verzamelen.
Wij bouwen de technologie waarmee ze uitblinken.

Entertainers, gamers, artiesten, atleten, docenten, vertellers, geleerden, dromers. De movers
& shakers van deze wereld. Wij zijn er voor hen.

Bij Elgato maak je niet alleen deel uit van iets groots. Je maakt deel uit van een wereldwijde

Alleen groei je.
Samen doen we geweldige dingen.


Mensen zijn het hart van Elgato.
Daarom tonen wij onze waardering in de vorm van:

Flexibele uren

Driemaandelijkse winstdeling

Gezinsvriendelijk beleid


Persoonlijke ontwikkeling en opleiding

Kortingen op producten van de CORSAIR-groep

Fruit, drankjes en uiteraard heerlijke koffie

Gemeenschappelijke ruimtes en gamerooms

Samen werken we hard om professionele en persoonlijke voldoening na te streven.
En dat doen we om te zeggen "Ik geniet van het leven", op kantoor en daarbuiten.


Claudia Terry

Channel Marketing Manager

At Elgato, I keep learning and growing as a person and as a professional. Working in an international and friendly environment, sharing ideas, and seeing different perspectives. These things strengthen the individual, the team and the company. There’s always a new challenge and we always succeed together.

Philipp Eggebrecht

Technical Marketing Manager

Elgato is about community and customer-driven products. The work is fast-paced and we must be agile to stay at the forefront of the industry. Having conversations with extremely bright people about the future of content creation, and working together to make it a reality, is incredibly exciting. At the end of the day, nothing beats hearing how our products directly impact creators' lives. 

Tiffany Gao

Product Marketing Manager

One of my main motivations is to introduce Elgato's state-of-the-art products to Chinese content creators to significantly improve the quality of their content. I'm honored to work with such talented innovators, and I’m very happy to see that my work is helping Chinese content creators achieve success in their careers.

Taylor Ward

Senior Manager, Product Strategy

Being able to get a glimpse into what is possible with today’s technology, and what we can do to prepare for the future is both inspirational and exciting. Elgato is actively building the infrastructure for creators from all walks of life, and moving that principle forward brings me a great sense of purpose. The company holds itself to high standards both in terms of its products and its employees. It’s a fast-paced, professional environment with incredibly smart people that work brilliantly together.

Vanessa Zuniga

Community Marketing Manager

There's always something new to work on and the passion of the team at Elgato inspires me every day to do my best work. The best thing about my job is the people I work with. Hands down. They are incredibly talented and it's great to have coworkers I can call my friends outside of work. 

Amaya L.V. Straeten

Partnerships Manager

I love my daily interaction with the vast community of creators and I thrive on nurturing positive partnerships. Elgato is on a mission to create the exceptional for partners and customers alike. The company is not only the leader in its class but a responsible company throughout. It’s all thanks to our amazing people, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years, and many up and coming talents who are joining the journey. We have the best team out there!

Miguel Lozada

Senior Partnerships Manager

Working at Elgato has helped me grow professionally by letting me create and execute partnerships and activations that I could only dream of. The company has provided me with resources and tools that have given me the confidence to achieve my goals at work. The culture here is about treating people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.