Green Screen Mouse Mat

XL Chroma Key Pad

Optimized for desktop chroma keying, Green Screen Mouse Mat takes your overhead camera setup to a whole new level.

Show me your moves

High-level gameplay, creative tutorials, unboxing videos. If your setup sports a hand cam, you need Green Screen Mouse Mat.


Perfect chroma green eliminates any surface, frees up valuable screen real estate, and keeps the focus on the subject of your content.

Get everything in frame

With enough room for a full-size keyboard and more, a massive footprint lets you share more than your mouse maneuvers.

Tailored to perform

The smooth glide surface ensures accurate mouse control while the anti-skid rubber base guarantees excellent grip, stitched edges prevent fraying, and a low profile delivers hours of comfort.

The Perfect Setup

Create the ultimate overhead camera rig with Green Screen Mouse Mat, Multi Mount and EpocCam.


Drop into virtual worlds

On Elgato Marketplace, discover hundreds of animated backgrounds.

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