Our goal is to be 100% plastic-free. We're at 95% and counting. Since launching our first capture device in 2012, we’ve taken impressive strides not only in advancing our technology but also our packaging.
Eco Friendly Cardboard
Recycled Compounds
Efficient Shipping
Main materials include eco-friendly and recycled cardboard. Instead of needless blister packs, we use 100% recyclable, molded pulp. When we are mandated to use plastic, we use the bare minimum and choose recycled compounds. We also keep our boxes as snug as possible to minimize material usage and move more products per shipment, which means fewer trips and less CO2.


A crucial part of our strategy is working closely with our supply chain to reduce our cumulative carbon footprint. Factory visits are frequent. Knowledge is continuously shared. And new, sustainable solutions are embraced. For instance, we’ve had suppliers switch over to reusable containers and led assemblers in the transition to divider trays where throwaway PE bags once ruled. It’s a collective effort necessary for change. The change we want to see in the world.

The Right Shortcuts

Great care is taken when transporting parts and products around the world. Wherever possible, we source and manufacture parts in the same region. We strive to keep our supply chain geographically tight, and we mainly ship by ocean freight. Every step of the product journey is aimed at reducing emissions. Add them all together and you get a significantly smaller carbon footprint.
sustainability paper boat

Working Toward A Better Future

We believe that everyone is responsible for the environment, especially those who impact the global ecosystem. That’s why we’re constantly chipping away at our carbon footprint. It’s an ongoing mission that we pursue with passion, purpose and pride. Out of love for our planet and fellow human beings.