Une qualité sonore sans précédent


Une qualité sonore sans précédent

Présentation du Stream Deck XL

Contrôlez vos flux à la perfection

Présentation du HD60 S+

Jouez et créez sans compromis

Découvrez votre studio

4K60 PRO

Capture 4K. Sans effort.

Avec 4K60 Pro, capturez votre gameplay en résolution 4K impeccable à 60 images par seconde.


Libérez votre camera.

Avec Cam Link, utilisez votre appareil photographique reflex numérique, caméscope ou caméra sportive comme une webcam dans vos applications favorites.


Enrichissez vos contenus.

Avec Stream Deck, prenez le contrôle de vos contenus et concentrez-vous sur ce qui compte le plus : votre public. 


Fond vert retractable.

Avec Green Screen, mettez en place un studio de diffusion immersif en quelques secondes.


Pilotez votre éclairage.

Robuste, compact et contrôlable via une application, le panneau lumineux Elgato Key Light établit une nouvelle référence haut de gamme en matière d'éclairage studio.


“I've been with Elgato since Day 1. In my line of work, trusting your capture device is imperative and in my mind there is only one option. Elgato Game Capture.”

- Chaosxsilencer -

“I use the HD60 Pro daily and often forget it's there. That's a good thing. Great for streaming, great for recording, and no issues!”

- ChuBoi -

“I’ve used Elgato capture cards and software since 2010. They work great and are used for every single video on my channel.”

- Drift0r -

“Honestly it’s pretty simple, if you want to be the best, you get an Elgato.”

- Lazarbeam -

“If you want to have the best quality videos, there is no other choice.”

- Tobijizzle -

“Elgato products and support have been instrumental in setting up our presence on Twitch and in expanding our collaboration with press and content creators.”

- Square Enix -

“An incredibly smart and innovative product which paved the way for the explosion of gaming videos and livestreams.”

- Markus Friske, Director of Content Creation, EA -

“Elgato HD60 S has made our activations so much easier with a single device that's perfect for VOD capture and live streaming.”

- Alan Johnson, Call of Duty Public Relations, Activison -

“If you're creating content or streaming from your PlayStation VR, you should have an Elgato capture card.”

- Richard Devine, -

“Elgato has a great combination of performance, reliability & they support Esports so you really can't ask for much more from a capture card company.”

- TSquared -

“I’ve used the HD60 to record countless hours of gameplay for my YouTube channel. It’s an awesome tool that has been a key component of my setup for years now.”

- AliA -

“When people ask what equipment I recommend, the Elgato HD60 is always top of the list.”

- Vikkstar123 -

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