Light Remote

User manual

A dedicated controller for your Elgato lights. With intelligent sensor technology that automatically sets the perfect brightness level for you. Compatible with Key Light MK.2— additional support coming soon to select Elgato lights.


  • Dedicated controller for Elgato Key Light MK.2
  • Adjust brightness in steps
  • Finetune color temperature
  • Instantly activate your favorite lighting presets
  • Control up to three compatible Elgato Key Light MK.2
  • Push the Auto button to set optimal brightness automatically
  • Cushioned buttons are quiet and comfortable
  • Set up with ease in the Elgato Control Center app
  • 2 X AAA batteries are included in the box


  1. Turn your selected light on or off
  2. Set brightness automatically
  3. Adjust brightness in steps
  4. Tweak color temperature
  5. Toggle between your favorite light settings
  6. Select the light you want to control
  7. Sensor for auto brightness mode

Getting started

1. Insert batteries

Insert the AAA batteries while paying attention to correct polarity.
2. Pair with Control Center

Select the PAIR button in the Elgato Control Center app. Press and hold Light Remote button A, B or C for 5 seconds until the button flashes rapidly.

Download the Control Center app here:
3. Pair with Key Light MK.2

Hold the remote control directly in front of the light and wait until your light flashes once. The remote button will remain illuminated to signal successful pairing.

If paring fails, your light will flash 5 times.
To cancel pairing

Press and hold button A, B or C for 10 seconds until it flashes rapidly and your light flashes 5x.