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4K60 PRO & HD60 S

The capture card I’ve got in my streaming rig; I use it to stream & record gameplay from my gaming PC and consoles, either in 4K or 1080p depending on if it’s a stream or recording. If you’re only interested in 1080p capture I’d recommend its predecessor, the HD60 Pro, as that’s what I used to have in my streaming rig.


Allows me to get a crisp stream-camera by plugging in my normal camera (Sony A5100) as a webcam to my streaming PC making a big quality-leap from just using a normal USB-webcam.

Portable greenscreen that can be slid under the bed when not in use, ideal when you’re working with limited space and want to hide your streaming setup when not in use.


One of my favourite upgrades recently as these customizable lights allowed me to throw out the old, bulky, light boxes and control the lights via the stream deck as well make me not look like a zombie on streams anymore thanks to the variable light-colour.


The heart of my streaming-setup, allows me to switch scenes, start streaming, post to Twitter, turn on my key-lights and of course play random sound effects & memes during my livestreams, all through the click of a button.