Wave Panels Starter Set - Blue

Acoustic Treatment Foam

With dual density foam construction, proprietary EasyClick Frames and a modular design, Wave Panels transform any space into a professional acoustic environment.

60-Day Return & Refund service.

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Save and get the full experience

Studio-quality acoustics for any space

You’ve dialed in your filters and tweaked your equalizer. Now fine-tune your space for that superior sound and feel.

set up in a snap

Proprietary EasyClick Frames make installation quick and effortless. Simply snap them together to create a constellation. Because Wave Panels are light as feathers, constellations can be mounted on one or two screws. Sometimes the supplied tesa ® adhesive strips are enough.

Dual Density Construction

Low-density ripple foam dampens the high end. High-density fiber tames the lows and mids. Plus a concealed air pocket provides additional sound trapping. The result is all-round tonal balance for a superior broadcasting and listening experience.

easy-click frame

high-density fiber

easy-click connector

low-density ripple foam

Easy on, easy off

Gone are the days of gluing foam tiles to walls, then ripping them off when it's time to move. With the supplied tesa ® adhesive strips and one or two screws, Wave Panels are easy to mount and just as easy to relocate.

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