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Sound incredible

We live and work online. Sounding professional is more important than ever. Wave:3 packs both a studio-grade condenser capsule and premium 24-bit/96 kHz analog to digital converter – so your voice is always heard, loud and clear. To mute or adjust volume, use the onboard controls, or simply tap Stream Deck.

Control like a pro

With 15 customizable LCD keys poised to trigger unlimited actions, Stream Deck puts all your apps and tools at your fingertips. Instantly adjust audio, mute your mic, skip tracks, launch social posts, and much more – with a key press. And get visual feedback to confirm your every command.

Mute Teams
Send chat message on Twitch
Launch Zoom
Start Spotify playlist
Deafen Discord
and more
Master your mix

Teamed with Wave:3 and the all-powerful Wave Link app, Stream Deck becomes a fully customizable hardware interface that makes mixing more tactile and intuitive than ever. Colorful keys let you mute, adjust, or blend audio inputs in real time. You can even create two independent output mixes — one for you, one for your audience — and monitor each on the fly.

Add pro audio effects

Want to sound more dramatic or eliminate background AC hum? Equip Wave Link channels with third-party VST effects plugins like EQ, compression, noise gate, and reverb. Then tap Stream Deck to polish or transform your audio at any given time.

Equalizer Effect Off
Streamline any setup

Stream Deck and Wave Link give you complete audio control in your live stream, podcast, or home office setup. It’s advanced A/V automation at your fingertips. Tactile and fully customizable. A hybrid mixing solution like no other.

Make Stream Deck yours

Stream Deck is your canvas. Personalize keys with icons from the Stream Deck Store, or easily create your own. Explore our library of audio plugins.