EyeTV Software Update 1.8.3 (INT)

EyeTV Software Update Adds Digital Radio, Progressive Scan, Support for Toast® 7 Titanium

APPLE EXPO, PARIS, FRANCE — September 20, 2005 – Elgato is pleased to announce a feature-rich free software update, EyeTV 1.8.3. This update enables owners of Elgato’s digital EyeTV products* to add digital radio stations to their EyeTV channel lists. Hundreds of digital radio channels are already available as digital radio is gaining momentum across Europe. This year’s IFA 2005 tradeshow featured digital radio; highlighting that DVB is poised to become the premier format for digital radio broadcasts over satellite, cable and terrestrial.

Support for Digital Radio
EyeTV users can now enjoy the advantages of digital radio (where available). With EyeTV you can listen to, record, edit and export your favorite radio programs. Record concerts or educational programs on your hard disk and edit your recordings as easily as TV recordings. Extend your iTunes music library with radio programs and put them on your iPod.

Seamless Toast® 7 Integration
EyeTV 1.8.3 also offers a new “Burn with Toast” command. Using Toast® 7 Titanium’s new features, users can burn EyeTV recordings directly and forego the time-consuming Export step. The integration of EyeTV and Toast® has been taken to the next level: Simply drag and drop your EyeTV recordings into the Toast window. In addition, the new EyeTV software version takes advantage of Toast’s "Disc Spanning" feature, which allows users to back up and restore their EyeTV recordings or entire library.

Enhanced MPEG-2 picture quality
EyeTV display options now include a brand new “Progressive Scan” feature. With this option, EyeTV 1.8.3 activates advanced motion detection and doubles the frame rate to deliver excellent picture quality for MPEG-2 recordings and live streams.

EyeTV software supports Miglia EvolutionTV
Continuing Elgato’s strategy of offering consumers as much choice as possible, the new version of EyeTV software now supports the Miglia EvolutionTV digital video recorder. From today, owners of EvolutionTV can now purchase EyeTV software at www.elgato.com and enjoy the numerous features of the award-winning digital TV recording software.

*The following products support digital radio via DVB: EyeTV for DTT, EyeTV 400, EyeTV 410, EyeTV 300, EyeTV 310, EasyWatch Mobilset, EyeTV610

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Elgato Systems creates award-winning products that enable customers to watch, record, edit and share video and TV within the digital home. The highly acclaimed EyeTV series is the world leader in digital TV recording and High Definition TV for the Mac. EyeConnect is the premier solution for streaming Mac content to networked media players in the home.

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Markus Fest, the inventor of Toast® CD recording software, Elgato is a privately held company with headquarters in Munich, Germany and a US subsidiary in San Francisco, California. www.elgato.com

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