EyeTV Hybrid (INT)

EyeTV Hybrid: Two-in-One TV for your Mac. USB stick delivers both Freeview and analog TV to the Mac

Munich, 16 August 2006 - EyeTV Hybrid is a universal receiver for both free-to-view Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT, or Freeview) and analog television on the Mac, combining the capabilities of two TV receivers in one product. The device comes with a miniature DTT antenna, and also enables DTT reception with a rooftop or indoor aerial via a built-in standard coaxial connector.

For areas in which Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT, or Freeview) has not yet been fully adopted, EyeTV Hybrid receives analog television by aerial or standard cable using the same built-in standard coaxial connector.

EyeTV Hybrid also comes with a break-out cable for composite video and S-Video, enabling the connection of a set-top box to receive premium channels, digital cable and satellite TV on the Mac.

The breakout cable can also be used to connect a game console to enjoy an excellent live play experience – EyeTV Hybrid's uncompressed analog video signals appear on the Mac's screen with zero latency.

EyeTV Hybrid includes award-winning EyeTV 2.3 software, offering excellence in television viewing, recording, and video post processing on the Mac. EyeTV's Full Screen Menu enables the remote control of all major functions of EyeTV Hybrid - either via an Apple Remote on Macintoshes that ship with Front Row, or with an optional EyeTV Remote on older Macs.

Pricing and Availability
EyeTV for DTT replaces the previous Elgato model under the same name and is now available for 109.95£ (incl. VAT) at the Apple Store, at the Elgato Online Shop as well as from specialist dealers. Included in the package is EyeTV 2 software (CD-ROM), a user manual (PDF document), a USB extension cable, a break-out cable for composite video and S-Video, and a rod antenna for the reception of Digital Terrestrial Television in areas with "Portable Indoor" infrastructure. The EyeTV Remote Control is available at the Elgato Online Shop.

Available in countries where free-to-air Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is broadcast.

System Requirements
Macintosh® computer with a PowerPC® G4,G5 or Intel Core® processor, 256 MB of physical RAM (512 MB recommended), a built-in USB 2.0 port, Mac OS X v10.4 or later. Internet connection required to download Program Guide data. Note: Analog TV recorded via software encoder, quality depends on processor performance.

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Elgato Systems creates award-winning products that enable customers to watch, record, edit and share video and TV within the digital home. The highly acclaimed EyeTV series is the world leader in digital TV recording and High Definition TV for the Mac. EyeConnect is the premier solution for streaming Mac content to networked media players in the home.

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Markus Fest, the inventor of Toast® CD recording software, Elgato is a privately held company with headquarters in Munich, Germany and a US subsidiary in San Francisco, California. www.elgato.com

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