EyeTV Diversity (INT)

EyeTV Diversity – Supercharged TV for Your Mac: Dual-Tuner DVB-T-Stick with Revolutionary Antenna Diversity Technology for Superior Reception

Munich, October 26, 2006 - EyeTV Diversity contains innovative technology that provides superior television reception deep indoors and in areas with poor signal quality. The ultra compact DVB-T stick is also ideal for travellers and enables mobile DVB-T reception at speeds of up to 160 km/h. In Dual Tuner mode, EyeTV Diversity offers two independent DVB-T tuners in one device, allowing users to watch two live TV programmes simultaneously.

In tests, the Diversity Mode technology provided good reception in 95% of locations within the home (compared with 67% for conventional receivers), and a 50% improvement in the quality of the television signal.

For users on the go, the amazingly compact EyeTV Diversity stick with a classic matte aluminum finish and its portable antennas pack easily with a MacBook, and mobile reception is possible at speeds up to 160 km/h provided there is uninterrupted DVB-T coverage en route.

Even in regions with excellent DVB-T reception, EyeTV Diversity is the solution of choice. In Dual Tuner mode, EyeTV Diversity provides the functionality of two independent DVB-T receivers in one device. EyeTV Diversity is the only EyeTV product that offers the simultaneous playback of two independent live television programmes (either each in its own window, or using the same picture-in-picture mode available in high end television sets) and the ability to watch one programme live while recording a different one.

EyeTV Diversity has only one quality setting for recording digital terrestrial television: lossless. The DVB-T stream is recorded unchanged, enabling reception of DVB-T content in the same high quality it has been created by broadcasters. EyeTV supports the multi-language programming available via DVB-T as well as Dolby® Digital sound.

The included EyeTV 2.3.2 software, winner of multiple awards, provides the usual comfortable ease of use that you’ve become accustomed to while watching, recording, and editing television programmes on your Mac. EyeTV‘s Full Screen Menu lets you control all major functions of EyeTV Diversity using the included infrared remote control. Users with Macintosh computers which include Apple’s Front Row application my also use the Apple Remote to control EyeTV.

Pricing and Availability

EyeTV Diversity will be available starting November 6 for 149.95 euro (£95.95) at the Apple Store, at the Elgato Online Shop as well as from specialist dealers. Included in the package is EyeTV 2 software (CD-ROM), a user manual (PDF document), a USB extension cable, a remote control as well as two portable aerials.

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Elgato Systems creates award-winning products that enable customers to watch, record, edit and share video and TV within the digital home. The highly acclaimed EyeTV series is the world leader in digital TV recording and High Definition TV for the Mac. EyeConnect is the premier solution for streaming Mac content to networked media players in the home.

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