EyeTV 250 Plus, the Complete Solution

Hybrid TV Recorder and Video Converter, with Mastering Software

Munich, August 16, 2007 - EyeTV 250 Plus is the first solution available on the Mac that contains a hybrid television tuner and a video converter with hardware encoding. In addition to containing a flexible television recorder, the successor model to EyeTV 250 includes a high quality solution for digitizing video cassettes and other analog video material. The package also includes Roxio Toast 8 Basic CD/DVD recording software, so that recordings can be burned to DVD-Video with one simple click of the mouse.

More Flexibility With Hybrid Tuner
EyeTV 250 Plus enables reception of DVB-T (terrestrial over-the-air digital television.) The USB 2.0 device features a standard coaxial input jack for DVB-T reception via roof or indoor aerial, or via the included miniature antenna. In addition, EyeTV 250 Plus can receive analogue television via antenna or cable through the standard connector. The package includes an adapter cable for Composite (RCA) or S-Video, which EyeTV 250 Plus uses to connect to digital satellite or cable receivers.

Top Quality Through Hardware Encoding
EyeTV 250 contains a hardware encoder that converts the analog tuner and video input signals to MPEG-2 format. Thus, television broadcasts and digitized analogue video are stored on your Mac without loss of quality. The included, multiple award-winning EyeTV 2 software features post-processing (editing) and export functionality into all major video formats for further use in professional video software applications as well as simple export presets for iPod, Apple TV, or the iPhone.

CD/DVD Mastering Software Included
The included Roxio Toast 8 Basic CD/DVD recording software enables you to burn recorded DVB-T or standard cable television shows directly within EyeTV. For both DVB-T (in most cases) and digitized analog television shows, the EyeTV recording format is DVD-compliant MPEG-2, which eliminates lengthy re-encoding. Users can simply click the Toast button in EyeTV after finishing their (optional) edits, then insert a DVD into the Mac's disc drive.

Pricing and Availability

EyeTV 250 Plus is available immediately for 199,95 euros including VAT at the Apple Store, the Elgato Online Shop, as well as through resellers. The package includes EyeTV 2 software (CD-ROM), Roxio Toast 8 Basic (CD-ROM), User manual (PDF document), a breakout cable with Composite and S-Video as well as audio (RCA) inputs, a USB extension cable, EyeTV infrared remote control, printed Quick Start Guide, and a miniature antenna for reception of digital terrestrial television in regions that feature a broadcast infrastructure optimized for "portable indoor" reception.

System Requirements

Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel processor, 512 MB of physical RAM, integrated USB 2.0 port, Mac OS X v. 10.4 or newer. The download of program guide data requires an Internet connection.

About EyeTV

EyeTV 2.4 is the complete solution for television on Macintosh, recording shows, and post-processing them to iPod, Apple TV, DVD, and the Apple iApps. The program package offers an integrated electronic programming guide (EPG; tvtv or DVB-Guide) including full text search, automatic or manual recording of television shows in the lossless MPEG-2 transport stream broadcast format to the Macintosh hard drive, and post-processing in the integrated Editor. Recorded shows may be watched on the Macintosh, burned to DVD, or transferred to iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. EyeTV supports technologies such as Dolby Surround, high definition television (HDTV), and Progressive Scan. Its Full Screen Menu allows user friendly operation via remote control (Apple Remote or EyeTV Remote) from the comfort of your sofa. As it is a Universal Binary application, EyeTV 2.4 supports older Macs with PowerPC processor as well as newer models with Intel chipsets.         

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