EyeTV 2.5.1 - Free Update Adds Support for New Features in Leopard

Munich/San Francisco, October 31, 2007 - For all EyeTV users who have installed the new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, Elgato's free EyeTV 2.5.1 update adds support for the following key new Leopard technologies: Quick Look, iChat, and Spaces. EyeTV 2.5.1 is fully compatible with the new operating system.

Cover Flow
Finder windows in Leopard offer a fourth display view option, Cover Flow, analogous to the feature in iTunes. With Cover Flow a user can quickly navigate and comfortably browse through all items in a folder. Television shows recorded with EyeTV, which are stored in the "EyeTV Archive" folder on the Macintosh hard drive, are now browseable using Cover Flow.

Quick Look
The new Quick Look functionality in Leopard enables users to view and browse through a file's contents in the Finder, even at full screen, with one click of the mouse in the Cover Flow window. EyeTV 2.5.1 supports Quick Look, and EyeTV recordings can easily be started and played back from the Finder.*

iChat in Leopard features screen sharing. Participants in a chat session can simultaneously view presentations, videos, and other files. With EyeTV 2.5.1, EyeTV recordings are integrated into video chats, featuring playback controls and the possibility to add one's own audio commentary.*

In Leopard, software applications that are dedicated to certain tasks can be grouped into their own Space. In EyeTV 2.5.1, playback windows for live television and recordings can be set to float across all defined Spaces, so that they are visible even when switching between environments.

*requires configuring a preference in EyeTV to automatically prepare new recordings for Wi-Fi Access.

About EyeTV 2

EyeTV 2 is the world's most complete software solution for television on the Mac. It enables users to watch live TV broadcasts on a Mac and record them onto the Mac's hard disc; edit the recordings in an integrated Editor; export the recordings to iPod, Apple TV, DVD and iApps; and burn the recordings to DVD. The software offers an integrated Program Guide (tvtv, IceTV or DVB guide) with full-text search, as well as a Full Screen menu for a comfortable control option (Apple Remote or EyeTV Remote) for TV viewing from the sofa.

EyeTV supports technologies such as Dolby Surround, high-definition television (HDTV) and progressive scan. A Universal Binary application, EyeTV 2.5.1 supports older Macs with PowerPC processors and new models with the Intel chip set.

EyeTV 2.5.1 is now available in specialty stores and in the Elgato Online Store (www.elgato.com) for 79 euros. Existing EyeTV 2 users will receive the update free of charge.

About Elgato Systems

Elgato Systems creates award-winning products that enable customers to watch, record, edit and share video and TV within the digital home. The highly acclaimed EyeTV series is the world leader in digital TV recording and High Definition TV for the Mac. EyeConnect is the premier solution for streaming Mac content to networked media players in the home.

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Markus Fest, the inventor of Toast® CD recording software, Elgato is a privately held company with headquarters in Munich, Germany and a US subsidiary in San Francisco, California. www.elgato.com

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