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Collaboration with SCM Microsystems and Satelco Results in Launch of New EasyWatch DVB-T PC Card with EyeTV software for reception of mobile digital terrestrial TV on Apple PowerBooks

Munich – September 30, 2004 – Elgato, a worldwide leader in digital video recording for the Macintosh, has teamed with hardware supplier SCM Microsystems (NASDAQ: SCMM, Prime Standard SMY) and cooperation partner Satelco to launch the new EasyWatch DVB-T PC card as a cross platform solution for Windows and Macintosh OS X. The EasyWatch solution uses Elgato's internationally award-winning EyeTV software and DVB-T signals can now be received on Apple PowerBooks using regular PC cards.
"Apple has effectively set the standards for mobile computing. Therefore it is important to us to offer this groundbreaking product for the Macintosh platform", explained Robert Schneider, CEO of SCM Microsystems. "EasyWatch provides an extremely easy-to-use mobile solution for receiving digital terrestrial TV on Apple PowerBooks. We are excited to work with Elgato because of their positive reputation in the Macintosh community and the high quality of their software."
"EasyWatch is the first PCMCIA card solution for digital terrestrial television worldwide and since its introduction for the PC in June it has been a great success in Germany." said Robert Both, CEO of Satelco, "With this cross platform solution we offer an unique product to the Macintosh community. It's a first step into an interesting new field of business for Satelco.
With its EyeTV product series, Elgato is the world-leading supplier of digital video recorders for the Macintosh. For the first time, Elgato's EyeTV software will be distributed with the hardware of its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partner SCM Microsystems. The new cooperation between SCM Microsystems, Elgato and Satelco underscores the significance of Apple PowerBooks in the mobile computing market. The EasyWatch DVB-T card for PC and Mac will be available in Germany as of October 7th for 249 Euros.
"Since the introduction of EyeTV, Elgato has enjoyed tremendous success worldwide. With this partnership we will now enter the market as an OEM software supplier", says Freddie Geier, CEO of Elgato. "It's our strategy to distribute EyeTV software not only with our own TV tuner hardware, but to broaden the Macintosh product range decisively with strong partners. Our cooperation with SCM and Satelco is a model for future projects."
The SCM-based EasyWatch Mobile Set DVB-T PC card for PowerBooks is launched with EyeTV software for Macintosh users as well as with compatible software for the PC. Using the feature-rich and robust EyeTV software for receiving digital TV, PowerBook users can also record to the hard drive, timeshift (pause and replay live TV), archive directly to DVD, and schedule recordings over the Internet using an electronic program guide. EasyWatch is being sold by Satelco (www.satelco.de) and comes with a functional DVB-T antenna by Kathrein, which can be clamped to the display of a PowerBook.
Receiving digital terrestrial TV on a notebook or PowerBook with EasyWatch Mobile Set adds a new dimension to television – full mobility wherever DVB-T is broadcast. DVB-T is being successfully introduced across Germany. Starting October 4, the city of Frankfurt and the Rhine/Main region will be able receive digital terrestrial television signals. Beginning November 8, digital television will be available in Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Düsseldorf and the Ruhrgebiet. To date, DVB-T is operating very successfully in Berlin, Potsdam, Cologne, Bonn, Hanover, Braunschweig, Bremen and the lower reaches of the Weser river.
About SCM Microsystems
SCM Microsystems is a leading supplier of solutions that open the Digital World by enabling people to securely access digital content and services. The company markets and sells its smart card reader technology for network and physical access and conditional access modules for secure digital TV decryption to OEM customers in the government, financial, enterprise and broadcasting markets worldwide. Global headquarters are in Fremont, California, with European headquarters in Ismaning, Germany. For additional information, visit the SCM Microsystems web site at www.scmmicro.com.
* The use of the EasyWatch DVB-T PC card requires a Macintosh G4 15" or 17" PowerBook.

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