Elgato launches EyeTV Live3G: free web app streams live TV over 3G on the iPhone

Munich/San Francisco, 12/16/2009 - EyeTV 3 users can now stream live television over a 3G connection to an iPhone. With Elgato’s new EyeTV Live3G web app, you can watch live TV and EyeTV recordings anywhere. The web app connects your iPhone to your Mac at home. It uses state-of-the-art HTTP Live Streaming technology to deliver high quality video streams without sacrificing battery life. The Live3G web app is available immediately at live3g.eyetv.com, and is part of EyeTV 3.3, a free update for EyeTV 3 users. The web app complements Elgato's recently introduced EyeTV app for the iPhone, which delivers live TV to an iPhone over a Wi-Fi connection.

HTTP Live Streaming
The EyeTV Live3G web app uses HTTP Live Streaming technology introduced with iPhone OS 3.0, which relies upon H.264 video and AAC audio to deliver the highest possible playback quality. Live3G takes advantage of the iPhone's hardware acceleration to deliver higher performance and longer battery life.

System Requirements
The EyeTV Live3G web app uses Elgato's free "My EyeTV" locator service to connect your iPhone to your Mac running EyeTV 3.3 software. Live3G requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.1, a Mac with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and an EyeTV tuner.

Pricing and Availability
The Live3G web app is free and is available at live3g.eyetv.com.  EyeTV 3.3 is a free software update for EyeTV 3 users. Elgato EyeTV tuners can be purchased at the Elgato Online Store (www.elgato.com), at Apple retail stores and the Apple Store online, from local Apple resellers and other fine retailers.

About Elgato
Elgato is the home of internationally acclaimed EyeTV, the world’s leading television solution for the Mac. Elgato produces award-winning TV recording software together with a complete range of TV tuners to watch, record, and edit TV and HDTV on the Mac. Elgato also produces a variety of world-class H.264 video products. Elgato is privately held with offices in Munich, Germany and San Francisco, California.

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