Connected Radiator Valve

Sync comfort with your schedule like never before. Retaining the features you've come to adore, the all-new Eve Thermo introduces capacitive touch control, integrated temperature display, next-generation bridgeless architecture, and more.

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Connected Smoke Detector

Rest assured that you're always covered. With constant self-testing and convenient status display on your iPhone, Eve Smoke makes peace of mind a core component of your connected home.
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Connected Contact & Tamper Sensor

Know when your window is open or tilted. Acquire usage insights. And receive activity notifications while you’re out and about. Eve Window Guard slots into your window frame, ever-attentive yet out of sight.
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Connected Door Lock

Equip your door to automatically engage its latches and bolts upon closure. Unlock it via your control of choice. And grant guest access from afar. With Eve Lock, come and go as you please, with the assurance that your entrance is always secure.
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Connected Irrigation Controller

Set a schedule to sprinkle your lawn without lifting a finger. Or issue a voice command to irrigate your flower beds on demand. Eve Aqua tracks your watering activity, empowering you with vital insight to better cater to your garden’s needs. Coming soon.