Wave:3 - Black

Premium Microphone & Digital Mixing Solution

Wave:3 is a premium microphone and digital mixing solution that fuses plug and play convenience with broadcast-grade circuitry.


Tailored for creators

Quality content requires excellent sound. You need a broadcast-grade microphone that plugs directly into your setup. Plus a mixer with effects to blend and sculpt audio like a pro. Meet Wave:3 — your complete solution.

Brilliant by design

Elegant architecture. Impeccable audio. Robust, tactile control. Wave:3 looks and sounds the part without stealing the show.

Cardioid polar pattern icon
steel grille

  • Smooth sound diffusion
  • Ultimate capsule protection

Heavy duty desk stand

  • U-mount
  • Padded base

Multifunctional Dial

  • Tweak input gain

Multifunctional Dial

  • Tweak input gain
  • Adjust headphone volume

Multifunctional Dial

  • Tweak input gain
  • Adjust headphone volume
  • Crossfade between mic and PC mix

Multilayered Noise Shield

Keeps plosive noise at bay

Premium Condenser Capsule

Capture verbal nuances with precision

Cardioid polar pattern icon
Cardioid Polar Pattern

Fine tuned for speech

Superior Circuitry

  • 24-bit / 96 kHz analog to digital conversion
  • Broadcast-grade detail and clarity

USB Type-C


High-power headphone output

Crystal clear, zero-latency monitoring

Capacitive Mute

Silently disengage mic input

Pop Filter

  • Dual-layer metal mesh
  • Maximum protection from plosive noise
  • Sold separately
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Shock Mount

  • Robust metal chassis with reinforced elastic suspension
  • Isolates microphone from mechanically transferred noise and impact
  • Sold separately
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Multi Adapter

Works with all mainstream boom arms
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Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, LEWITT Audio subjects its microphones to rigorous calibration and quality control in world-class testing facilities with seasoned sound engineers. That’s how they get their microphones into legendary recording studios, and why we’ve equipped Wave microphones with their audio technology. It’s how you get that sonic signature your audience will notice.
Lewitt acoustic and sound studio

Get amped without clipping

Now you don’t need to watch levels while live, nor attempt to salvage distorted audio in post production. When input levels peak, proprietary Clipguard technology instantly reroutes sound through a second signal path that runs at a lower volume. The result is clean audio output, no matter how loud you scream.
without clipguard
Wave:3 product shot


Game audio, voice chat, music, alerts, samples, multiple mics* and more. Nine independent input channels let you blend audio sources in real time.
*Multiple Wave mics are not supported at this time
Wave Link software

Submixing Mastery

Create two completely independent output mixes — one for you, one for your audience — and monitor each on the fly.
VST Compatible icon

Thousands of Effects

Equip channels with third-party VST plugins like EQ, compression, or reverb. The power to customize your sound is virtually limitless.
Colorful audio waves

Some vsts we recommend

How to add effects in Wave Link

Adding VST sound effects in Wave Link

More Features

Wave Link software
Effortless Control

Mute copyrighted music in your stream mix to avoid violations, and keep listening via your monitor mix.
Content creator using Wave Link
Stream Ready

Add Wave Link as a master audio source in OBS Studio to take complete control of your audio workflow.
Podcaster using Wave Link
Smart Processing

Wave Link is gentle on your CPU* — no external audio processing hardware required.

*CPU load dependent on VST usage


Stream Deck works seamlessly with Wave Link to give you complete studio control. Easily set keys to mute sources, adjust levels and skip tracks — anything. Or create Multi Actions to adjust audio, lighting and camera settings simultaneously — all with a single tap. It’s advanced A/V automation at your fingertips. Tactile and fully customizable. A hybrid mixing solution like no other.
Wave:3 next to Stream Deck XL

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