Master Mount L

Secure Your Gear

Master Mount L is both a space-saving standalone solution and essential core of Multi Mount, a modular rigging system for cameras, lights and more. Height adjustable from 55 cm / 22 in up to 125 cm / 49 in.

Multi Mount System

Your Perfect Setup Starts Here

The ultimate space-saving standalone solution and all-essential host to a multitude of accessories. Meet Master Mount, the core of your Multi Mount rig.

Higher And Higher

Two sizes, each with a ball head, 1/4-inch screw and padded clamp. For precise height adjustment in setups where maximum stability is key.

Ready Right Out Of The Box

Clamp to a desk, mount your device, and set the ideal height. With or without accessories, Master Mount gets your gear off the ground and into your workflow.

Everything Is Connected

Overhead setups, multiple mounting points, freestanding applications. All Multi Mount components are inter-compatible, so you can customize your configuration on the fly.

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