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Volume Controller


Voice Changer

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Spotify supreme

Elevate your Spotify Premium experience with immersive controls you can feel. It’s like having a personal jukebox right on your desk.

Discord direct

Instantly join voice and chat channels, adjust individual user volume, get live server updates, and loads more.

All your audio

Switch inputs and outputs with ease.

Plus Your Soundboard

Trigger sound reactions at the perfect time.

Born to mix

Stream Deck + was born to mix, which is why it works right out the box with Wave Link.

Even your most advanced tools

Take control of your OBS audio sources.

Your apps, too

Tactile audio control for Windows? You betcha! With Stream Deck +, all your apps get their own volume dial.

Even your sampler

Record, playback and sample any sound. Booya!

And your effects

Trigger Voicemod effects like robot, drone, and helium voice without leaving your game, chat, or editing software.

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